MondoAion Classic


Here are all the instructions for play on our Server

1) Download the from the link published on our website, or directly by  click here ( the actual version supported is the 1.2 from NoRth America Aion Classic) . .Alternatively you can download the entire client from the following link: CLIENT 1.5,.  It's a  zipped file, once downloaded you need to extract it into a folder.

2) Our Launcher is already included into the the zipped client file but, in cse you want to download again the link is published on our website .It's a zipped file, once downloaded you need to extract it into the client game folder

3) You must register a user from our website. Once completed the registration an email of confirmation will be sent to you. You must open the email and click on the activation link for activate your account and start play on our server.

The username for enter in game or enter into our bugtracke is the nick (lowercase) choosed during the registration phase.
The password is common for both and must be changed only from our website

For any problem, please contact Us  by using our bucktracker or our module for online assistance.


Server status

  • Login Server
  • offline
  • Game Server
  • offline

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x