MondoAion Classic

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Connections Problems
Today some player reports connection's problems with our Game Server
The cause was relato to our internet provider who have our Game Server in hosting.
Problems now are fully solved and the Game Server is turned online

In the meanwhile whe have changed some parameters of our Game Server:
1)Updated the daily  CAP for sell items to NPCs to 52.000.000
2)Updated the rate for sell items to npcs from 20 to 50% (This means you can earn more kinah by selling items to vendors )


Server status

  • Login Server
  • offline
  • Game Server
  • offline

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x