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Vote for Us and double your rates
For all our player interested to double his own rates, please read the instructions below:

How I can double my rates ?
  1. First of all, you must vote for us from our website. By voting you will earn some toll (our virtual currency), who can be used to buy items from our webshop.
  2. Buy the item "Value Boost Pack I (1 Day)" from our webshop. The price of the item is in offer at 20 toll until 31/12/2021 (If you vote every day you will be able to earn the item)
  3. Enter in game and wait. The item will be sent to the character selected by the mailpost ingame.
  4. Once received the item, Double click to use it. Once used you should be able to have premium  membership  (for 1 day) with 2x of the actual server rates.

p.s. Obviously , it you don't have the will to vote every day, the tolls can be earned also by donations ;-)

Server status

  • Login Server
  • offline
  • Game Server
  • offline

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x