MondoAion Classic

News - Updates

Updated of 27/09/2021
- Updated Global drop Service: added config for manage a different chance if npc is named (actually set + 50% of the global rule chance). Updated DropRegistrationService for manage new value. Updated //dropinfo command
- fixed Q4323
- Improved Weather management in game.
- Updated ascension quests scripts (added some automatic teleport for velocize the quest), Updated spawns for Ascension instance (Elyos)
- fix som creature state value in game
- fix some instances scripts
- change Siels Aura active with premium and vip (not yet implemented)
- Added the following missing quest scripts:

beluslan: Q2634TheDraupnirRedemption
empyrean_crucible: Q18212FirstBlood
empyrean_crucible: Q18213TheChillingTruth
empyrean_crucible: Q28212ATestOfBlood
empyrean_crucible: Q28213TheColiseumSecret
heiron: Q1661FindingTheForges
heiron: Q1670InvisibleBridges
heiron: Q1693AreYouMyFather
morheim: Q2333ARibbitOutOfWater
morheim: Q2394ADyingWish
morheim: Q2343AncientGinseng
morheim: Q2345OrashunerkSpecialOrder
morheim: Q2409Propaganda
morheim: Q2411EarthSpiritWaterSpirit
morheim: Q2436LookingForBuBuPat
morheim: Q2443TaisanMessage
morheim: Q2448ChaomirkSendsForHelp
morheim: Q2449ExtricatingChaomirk
morheim: Q2477ADishForDukar
morheim: Q2486AStrangeCreature
morheim: Q2488PretorsInBeluslan
morheim: Q2498TheSoddenScroll
pandaemonium: Q29004VeldinaCall
pandaemonium: Q29048SeriphimTeachings
pandaemonium: Q2916ManInTheLongBlackRobe
pandaemonium: Q2919BookOfOblivion
pandaemonium: Q2921LoveAtFirstSight
pandaemonium: Q2922FascinatingGift
pandaemonium: Q2925AHeartfeltConfession
pandaemonium: Q2962JafnharWhereabouts
pandaemonium: Q2963OnBehalfOfAFriend
pandaemonium: Q4212MissingSidrunerk
pandaemonium: Q4905InterviewingTheVeterans
pandaemonium: Q4906TalesOfHeroes
pandaemonium: Q4970TheFashionistas
pandaemonium: Q4971ProjectRunway
pandaemonium: Q4972JudgeNot
pandaemonium: Q4973MarraWorry
pandaemonium: Q4974TheSecretOfHisSuccess
pandaemonium: Q4976ASettlerAmbition
reshanta: Q1851UnchartedIslands
reshanta: Q3718DredgingTheDredgion
reshanta: Q4205SmackTheShulack
reshanta: Q4711TheDredgionCaptain
reshanta: Q4712EscapeFromTheDredgion
reshanta: Q4718PressingTheAttack
sanctum: Q19047JustBetweenMeAndFasimedes
sanctum: Q19048AndreasTeachings
sanctum: Q1908UlaguruSpeaks
sanctum: Q1918AnAxForNamus
sanctum: Q3970KinahDiggingDaughter
theobomos: Q3036LetSeeWhatItDoes
theobomos: Q3057CursedZirius
theobomos: Q3082DousingTheFlame
theobomos: Q3088InCiderTrading
theobomos: Q3090InSearchOfPippiThePorgus


Server status

  • Login Server
  • offline
  • Game Server
  • offline

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x