MondoAion Classic

News - Updates

Updates of 12/10/2021
- Fix for infinite inventory: now only quest items should be allowed to override the size of the inventory.
-decreased all mob's stats by 25%. This should make the game more playable
- Added missing Creature States,added missing quest scripts, updated some Ai's
- Improved Global Drops System: added Player Class restriction for force only drop items related to playerClass.
- Updated Stigma Stones rules for drop only stigmas related to the playerClass. Also increased a bit the % of drop.
- Updated the //dropInfo command
- More works on Events:  remove duplicate event, added some event
- Reparsed npc spawns by updating npc names and reordered by name, updated and Added some spawns
- Reparsed instances spawns by updating npc names and reorder all npcs by name, updated and Added some spawns


Server status

  • Login Server
  • online
  • Game Server
  • online

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x


  • Accounts
  • 324
  • Characters
  • 314
  • Asmodians
  • 160
  • Elyos
  • 154