MondoAion Classic

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Update of 23/10 for support the client 1.5
Friday  23/10/2021 oru Game Server will be updated form use the new NA Aion Classic client 1.5

Service Comunication: Do not Update, for now, your client to 1.5 version
Service Comunication: for those players who have installed the Client by downloading it with che Na Launcher we recommend to not update the client to the latest version.

Mondoaion Discord Server
For all players who don't want to join on our GUILDED Server,  the staff have decides to open also a Discord Server: click to this LINK
New Global Drop System
ATTENTION!  Since the last update the Game Server of Mondoaion now integrate also the new system for dynamic drops (Global Drop System)
Join our MondoAion GUILDED Server Community
Join our Mondoaion Community on Guilded, the most powerful alternative to Discord by clicking this LINK
Connections Problems
Today some player reports connection's problems with our Game Server
Vote the server and get tolls!
Vote the server on main MMORPG portals and get up to 48 tolls per day.

Server status

  • Login Server
  • offline
  • Game Server
  • offline

Server features

  • Exp rate
  • 2x
  • Kinah rate
  • 2x
  • Drop rate
  • 3x
  • Quest rate
  • 2x
  • Group rate
  • 2x
  • AP rate:
  • 1.5x