MondoAion Classic

News - Update

Aggiornamenti del 25-26-27/10/2021


- Reparsed item_templates.xml with correct item zones use who block many quests
- More work on skill effects
- Added fix for permanent stun


- added missing spawns for Q2639 "Divided They Fall"
- added missing global drop rule for Balaur Hearts


- fixed Global Drop:now no_reduction enabled works into Global rules. This means you will be able to drop item from low level npcs if global drop rule is defined
- Updated some global drop rules: increased chances of stigmas, godstones, manastones
- Implemented correct portal dialogs and fix portal server fo handle them (examples Kaisinel/Marchutan teleporters)
- Added check on PlayerEnterWorldService for terminate the vip or premium period when the time expire.
- Reparsed and updated spawns/walkers of verteron map
- Cleaned and fixed walkers for the following maps: Sanctum, Pandaemonium, Poeta, Ishalgen
- Implemented automatic Premium/Vip account System (Soon will be enabled)
- Reparsed item_templates.xml with correct premium/Vip actions.
- Reworked loginServer for handle the expire membership value to gameServer

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